Whether you are moving to an old house or shifting to a new one, you don’t want to get troubled with pests making a base in your home. Delay in pest control services can cost you much by damaging the expensive furniture and flooring. Often these pests, roaches, rodents, and insects aren’t much trouble but the real trouble comes when they multiply themselves and feed on the house. It is advised to get a effective pest control which suits your home and fits your requirements. You can protect your expensive furniture, carpets, staircase, and even babies from munching on the insect snack. We at AJL Pest Control Services have been offering quality service to customers to make their home pest free.

We provide a wide range of services to make sure that the insects stay out of the house. Based on the requirement we provide effective pest control service that can kill pests long period time. If you have termites that are munching your furniture or rats that bite away from your clothing and even bed bugs that don’t let you sleep then we are just a call away.

Our company has an expert team of members who visit your place for maintenance and solve the issue which is causing trouble. Additionally, to serve the customers we have 24*7 service that suits all type of issues which the customer faces. The chemicals used by us are not harmful to human health thus enabling safety with protocols. Connect with PEST control service now and help your home to be PEST free.

We Offer

Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

We Provide Complete Pest Control Solutions For Homes And Apartments, Villas.

Residential Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

We Are Experts In Pest Control For Companies, Factories And Commercial Establishments.

Residential Pest Control

Industrial Pest Control

Contact Us To Prevent And Protect Your Industries, Homes And Offices From Pests.



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Pests come in many shapes and sizes. None of them are ones that we want around. However, most methods of getting rid of pests and keeping them away can be hazardous to the environment.

Fat Pest Remove

We ensure the safety of your children and pests with our approach to pest control. Our technicians use products & application methods absolutely no threat to the safety and health of you and loved ones.

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Call us and get a free inspection. Its usually cheaper per month to get on a service contract. Call Today for your pest Control Service Quotation.

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We at AJL Pest Control Services offer affordable Pest Control Servics for homes, Offices and industries. Our prices are completely different with others.


This company has been given the excellent Pest Control services. I am also using pest control servises. Pepoles are coming on time and past responce. Cokoroches bed bugs i am using this service it is a better. I am taken this service i am haapy this services.

Mr. Naveen

A very professional organization. their technical staff are well experienced & educated. They gave us complete method Details about the service. The charges were pocket friendly. overall i would recommend them to everyone and worth the money i paid.

Mr. Suneel

Very good service from the AJL pest control. As the service person was skilled and was using authorized chemicals, and got computerized bill for the service. Even the cost is not expensive compared to other companies.

Ms. Sunita Narayan

In my home there was lot of cockroaches, I have contacted them for Cockroach Control Service ,Still now there was not even a single cockroach for past 2 years....

Mr. Ravi

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